60 Chinese Proverbs On Life And Success

chinese proverbs

Chinese Proverbs: Chinese have always been following Buddha’s spirituality and wisdom. They believe in learning and hard work to succeed in life and never forget to apply the Buddha’s wisdom on their work.

Here you will find some Chinese proverbs that will inspire and motivate you, hope you like these proverbs.

Chinese Proverbs Wisdom

1. Those who have aspiration have thousands of way to do things, and those who have no aspiration will say that is difficult. – Chinese Proverb

2. The person, who runs the slowest, until he loses his goals, runs faster than a person who has no goal. – Chinese Proverb

3. Without enthusiasm there is no success in the world. – Chinese Proverb

4. Money can be recovered if it is lost, but if someone loses his reputation, it is very hard to recover. – Chinese Proverb

5. Meaning of life lies in hard work, because the world itself is an arena. – Chinese Proverb

6. Those who only walk on a solid floor will never leave a deep footprint. – Chinese Proverb

7. Complaints are useless, everything depends on oneself. – Chinese Proverb

8. Do not look at what others have done for you, look at what you have done for others. – Chinese Proverb

9. If a person has infinite enthusiasm, he can succeed in almost anything. – Chinese Proverb

10. If you do not feel like the sea, how can you make a career like the sea? – Chinese Proverb

11. The best response to life is to live happily. – Chinese Proverb

12. Know how to bow down before you can make a difference. – Chinese Proverb

13. There is no natural confident, only the confidence that is constantly cultivated. – Chinese Proverb

14. The name of the bystander will never be recorded on the scoreboard of the game. – Chinese Proverb

15. Those who only imagine and do not work will never feel the joy of harvesting fruits. – Chinese Proverb

16. Without a clear goal, life will be mediocre. – Chinese Proverb

Chinese Proverbs About Success

17. When you are proud, be kind to others, because when you are disappointed you will need them. – Chinese Proverb

18. For the most capable pilot, the storms are always exceptionally turbulent. – Chinese Proverb

19. The worst bankruptcy is to lose your enthusiasm. – Chinese Proverb

20. Life does not believe in tears, if you want to survive, you must fight. – Chinese Proverb

21. Great work is done with strength but not without patience. – Chinese Proverb

22. Everything must be viewed from a multifaceted perspective. – Chinese Proverb

23. Smart people rely on their own works, stupid people rely on their own hopes. – Chinese Proverb

24. Dressing up your body with wealth is better than beautify your soul with morality. – Chinese Proverb

25. The person who masters the secret of happiness is the person who is happy with the joy and happiness of others. – Chinese Proverb

26. A truly successful life is not about the size of achievements, but whether you are trying to achieve yourself, shouting your own voice, and getting out of your own way. – Chinese Proverb

27. A grateful heart can cure all illness. – Chinese Proverb

28. Competition is like playing tennis. Playing against your opponents can improve your level. – Chinese Proverb

29. The person who guided you to the bright road is your conscience. – Chinese Proverb

30. Remember, you do not born for others, you have to live for yourself. – Chinese Proverb

31. The premise of being fortunate is that you have the ability to change yourself. – Chinese Proverb

32. The most tiring thing in the world is nothing more than false life. – Chinese Proverb

Chinese Proverbs About Learning

33. Knowing the way to today, we can plan the future clearly and intelligently. – Chinese Proverb

34. If you are scared of stepping on the muddy roads, you will never be able to move in a road full of flowers. – Chinese Proverb

35. The telescope can see the target, but it cannot take you half a step. – Chinese Proverb

36. If you want to get it, you will get it, all you have to do is act. – Chinese Proverb

37. Youth is a period of learning wisdom and middle age is a period of practicing it. – Chinese Proverb

38. In your temperament, hide the steps you take and the books you read. – Chinese Proverb

39. You cannot work hard until you feel insulted. – Chinese Proverb

40. People who are better than us are still working hard. – Chinese Proverb

41. Departure is the most meaningful thing to do. – Chinese Proverb

42. Loneliness is a compulsory course on the road to success. – Chinese Proverb

43. What is terrible is not failure, but self-destruction. – Chinese Proverb

44. When you begin to struggle from your own heart, you become a valuable person. – Chinese Proverb

45. Frustration is a stumbling block for the weak and a stepping stone for strong. – Chinese Proverb

46. Today’s misfortune is the retribution of ruined time. – Chinese Proverb

47. You can never climb the ladder of success by putting your hand in the pocket. – Chinese Proverb

48. When you know what is not yours, you are real you. – Chinese Proverb

49. You should most afraid of being mediocre and comforting yourself. – Chinese Proverb

50. If you bloom, butterfly will come. – Chinese Proverb

Chinese Proverbs For Motivation

51. All your unwillingness and resentment comes from your lack of confidence. – Chinese Proverb

52. You must work very hard to be able to look effortless. – Chinese Proverb

53. When the world is saying to give up, gently tell yourself: try again. – Chinese Proverb

54. Life is a one way trip without a return ticket. – Chinese Proverb

55. It is not difficult to make a decision, but to put it into action and stick to it is. – Chinese Proverb

56. If you can find your shortcomings as accurately as others, then your life will be extraordinary. – Chinese Proverb

57. Adversity is the process of growth, people who are brave enough to accept adversity will grow stronger. – Chinese Proverb

58. Fate is like the streak of your hand. Although it is curved, it is always in your hands. – Chinese Proverb

59. The wise man uses his supreme mind and hands to open up a unique sky for himself and build a stage for life. – Chinese Proverb

60. Everyone has one mouth and two ears, so keep the ratio by listening more and saying less. – Chinese Proverb

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Final Words:

Pay attention to your own reputation, work hard and be good at keeping your promises, which will help you in your career. By doing your work honestly your reputation increases, and you achieve success very fast.

You should always focus on learning, you should be a student of life. The more you learn, the better you can live your life.

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