Quotes On Consciousness To Awaken Your Inner Self

quotes on consciousness

Everyone’s level of consciousness can be different and this level of consciousness depends on their ability to take responsibility. If you feel responsibility towards things then you will always make a conscious decision. Read these Quotes On Consciousness to awaken your inner self.

Quotes On Consciousness

1. If you are not conscious, by now you have created problems for yourself many times.

2. The level of success of a person depends on his level of consciousness.

3. You can take responsibility for anything or situations around you only when you are conscious of them.

4. To be truly alive means to be conscious of everything that comes in your experience.

5. You should never come to any conclusion about things which are not really in your consciousness and experience.

6. As your level of consciousness increases, you start feeling connected to everything.

7. There is no trick to be conscious all the time, to be conscious you have to be conscious, that’s it.

8. When you are conscious of your thoughts and actions, only then you achieve the desired result in life.

9. Your level of consciousness defines your level of life.

10. Consciousness is to come above thoughts and experience life in real-time.

11. Being aware of your ignorance is the biggest awareness.

12. Not every waking person is conscious. To be conscious you have to put all your senses to the present moment.

13. To create your own fate you have to come to the surface above the mental ocean.

14. If you are conscious then you will know your ignorance and if you feel responsible towards yourself then you will overcome it.

15. Place where you create miracles is the state of your higher consciousness.

16. The level of your consciousness depends on the calmness of your mind.

17. The universe always talks to you in many ways. If you are not in the state of consciousness, you will miss those signs.

18. Use your consciousness to imagine, to feel, to create, to live… not to rewind, not to regret.

Consciousness Quotes

19. Obstacles always become opportunities if you make a conscious decision to solve them.

20. Spirituality and meditation are all about consciousness.

21. How can they be conscious who believe in the conceptions made by others, who follow the rules made by others?

22. Individuals who are conscious of their thoughts and soul never compare themselves to others because they know there purpose of life.

23. To be conscious at all times is as important as breathing at all times.

24. Being conscious is always a choice and when you choose it consciously you attract happiness and abundance in your life.

25. Only a conscious person can be a responsible person.

26. The feeling to transform yourself, to level up your life arises only when you are in your higher consciousness.

27. Those who are never comfortable with their current situation always create new challenges for themselves and increase their consciousness to reach new heights of success.

28. To find new dimensions of your consciousness, always look at things as they are.

29. Man is so stupid that he attaches himself to thoughts and suppresses his consciousness very cleverly and thinks that he is doing better for himself.

30. Always accept challenges, it will give you new experiences that increase your level of consciousness.

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 quotes on consciousness
quotes on consciousness
quotes on consciousness
quotes on consciousness
quotes on consciousness

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