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Shiv Khera is one of the best motivational speaker, author and business consultant. He launched a movement against caste-based reservation in India, founded an organization called Country First Foundation, and started the Bhartiya Rashtravadi Samanta Party. Read Best Shiv Khera Quotes For Inspiration And Success In Life.

Shiv Khera Quotes For Inspiration

1. Under adverse conditions- some people break down, some break records.

2. 90% of selling is conviction, and 10 percent is persuasion.

3. Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently.

4. Your positive action combined with positive thinking results in success.

5. Success is not an accident. It is the result of your attitude and your attitude is a choice. Hence, success is a matter of choice and not chance.

6. Have a vision. It is the ability to see the invisible. If you can see the invisible, you can achieve the impossible.

7. Good parenting gives headaches but bad parenting gives heartaches.

8. Education turns an empty mind into an open mind. It turns information into behavioral transformation.

9. The difference between a great man and a little man is their commitment to integrity and hard work.

10. Truth may hurt temporarily, but lies leave marks permanently.

11. Winners see the gain, losers see the pain.

12. The best way to sell yourself to others is first to sell the others to yourself.

13. Values are more important than valuables.

14. Intellectual education influences the head and value-based education influence the heart.

15. Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn to do things the right way.

16. Goodness does not lie in greatness but greatness lies in goodness.

17. Just like a great building stands on a foundation, so does success, And the foundation of success is attitude.

18. Humans can create their own environment, whereas animals have to adapt to their environment.

19. So long as you have your eyes on the goal, you don’t see the obstacles.

20. Leadership is about persuasion, presentation, and people skills.

Shiv Khera Motivational Thought

21. Just the way our body needs good foods ever day, out mind needs positive thoughts on a daily basis to be motivated.

22. Ability will get you success. Character will keep you successful.

23. Making money and earning money are two different things.

24. Wise people prefer to benefit from constructive criticism rather than be ruined by false praise.

25. A person’s character is revealed by the way he treats his subordinates, the elderly and the disabled.

26. The saddest words in life are “I should have”. Make timely decisions and take timely actions.

27. Betrayal and breach of trust with others starts with betrayal of self.

28. We judge ourselves by our intentions but the world judges us by our actions.

29. Great organizations are not measured by wages and working conditions, they are measured by feelings, attitude, and relationships.

30. People with pride in performance hold themselves accountable for higher standards and performance.

31. True character is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

32. Feeling good is natural outcome of doing good, and doing good is natural outcome of being good.

33. The only way to get started is to just stop talking and get started

34. If we are not a part of solution, then we are the problem.

35. Nobody drowns by falling in the water, but by staying there.

36. Most failures are people who habitually make excuses.

37. Experience has shown that human resource is the most valuable asset of any business.

38. Your journey to success should be as rewarding and enjoying as the arrival at the destination.

39. There are good leaders who actively guide and bad leaders who actively misguide. Hence, leadership is about persuasion, presentations and people skills.

You Can Win- Shiv Khera Best Quotes

40. Success neither brings arrogance nor humility. It just brings to surface what was hiding before.

41. Truth is pure and simple whereas lies need to be created and invented.

42. The greatest job security is performance.

43. Just like disease is more contagious than good health, people are more prone to catch vices than virtues.

44. Do what you feel in your heart – for you will be criticized anyway. You will be damned if you do & damned if you don’t.

45. Enthusiasm puts life into life. Indifference is death during life.

46. Most people want to win. But very few people are willing to pay the price to prepare to win. Luck favors the prepared.

47. Positive thinking does not guarantee success. Positive thinking with positive efforts increases our probability of success.

48. There is nothing more dangerous than stupidity and ignorance in action.

49. It is easier to make money but much tougher to make a difference.

50. Every product carries the credibility and honor of its maker.

51. Unless behavior changes learning has not taken place. Education is transformation not just gaining information.

52. The easier decisions are between what right and wrong. The tougher ones are between what’s right and what’s more right. That makes more right- right and less right- wrong.

53. Persistence is decision. It is a commitment to finish what you start.

54. First people waste time and then catches up and waste them.

55. Giving expensive things to our loved ones may not be gifts at all. They may be only apologies for gifts that we never give them.

56. Foolish people think exercise is useless. If they are well, they think they don’t need it. If they are sick, they can’t do it anyway.

Shiv Khera Quotes

57. Don’t die before you are dead. Some people die long before they are cremated.

58. The difference between an honest and a crooked mistake is the intent.

59. Many times in life people are punished not for their mistakes but by their mistakes.

60. When you trust someone implicitly you gain two things – either friend for life or lesson for life.

61. Courage without integrity is dangerous. Integrity without courage is useless.

62. Remember, a lasting relationship is a commitment not a convenience, nor confinement.

63. When we do something positive in life, even when no one is watching, we rise a little bit in our own eyes.

64. Professionalism: It’s not the job you do, it’s how you do the job.

65. Men of genius are ADMIRED; men of wealth are ENVIED; men of power are FEARED, but only men of character are TRUSTED.

66. When a person gets labeled as a liar, even if they tell the truth, nobody believed them. Remember, credibility is not for sale.

67. The funny part of honesty is that it does not increase in proportion to wealth.

68. An upright person can never be a downright failure no matter what he does.

69. We need to review our core values and principles and resolve to be a person of integrity.

70. Ability to say no to temptation comes from self-discipline.

71. Would you tolerate, if someone threw garbage into your living room? Then why do we allow others to throw negativity into our minds?

72. Learn from other people’s mistakes, because our lives are not long enough to make all of our own.

73. A small good action is better than a great intention.

Shiv khera Quotes On Success

74. A good teacher never gives the answers but raises more questions and prepares the students to search for the answers.

75. A job well done today is the best preparation for tomorrow.

76. I would rather fall in doing something great than succeed in doing nothing.

77. If you want to build and maintain a positive attitude, get into the habit of living in present and doing it now.

78. Knowledge is information. It is potential power and it becomes power only when it is acted upon.

79. Success is not measured by our position in life but by the obstacles, we overcome to get there.

80. It’s better to be a good follower than a bad leader.

81. Ability teaches us how to do, motivation determines why w do, and attitude determines how we do.

82. Majority opinion does not make the right wrong or the wrong right.

83. When a person is on the side of majority opinion, ask “did you create it or did they convert you”

84. The lines on your palm do not decide your future. There are enough of those without hands who write not only their but future of others too.

85. Personality opens the doors, character keeps it open.

Quotes By Shiv Khera

86. When a person feels that they got what they deserve because that’s what they earned – that’s pride.

87. Learn the value of forgive and forget. Do not punish yourself by retaining guilt and resentment.

88. Real leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary determination.

89. Indecision is habit-forming and contagious. Many opportunities are lost because of indecision.

90. People who are habitually quality conscious can never produce mediocre results.

91. There is no right way of doing the wrong thing.

92. It is easier to change 1% in 100 different areas than to change 100% in any 1 area.

93. We don’t have business problems but, people problems. When we take care of people problems, our business problems are automatically resolved.

94. Performer gives results, losers give excuses.

95. Avoid miscommunication. The price you pay for it is horrendous.

96. Confidence without humility brings ARROGANCE. Confidence with humility brings PRIDE.

97. Don’t wait for the perfect moment, take a moment and make it perfect.

98. During illness we seek an exceptional DOCTOR, during construction we seek an ENGINEER, during the war we seek an exceptional GENERAL, then why in politics do we seek A COMMON MAN.

99. Hands that serve humanity are a lot better than lips than take divinity.

100. Both FAITH and FEAR attract; FAITH attract POSITIVE, FEAR attract NEGATIVE.

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